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Mar, 16, 2023

Regel Therapeutics announces its participation at the Dravet Syndrome Conference and attendance at the European Dravet Syndrome Advanced Therapies Meeting in Madrid, Spain on March 23rd and 24th 2023.

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., and BERKELEY, Calif March 16th 2023 / PRNewswire — Regel Therapeutics, a next generation gene therapy company utilizing proprietary technology to develop clinical products modulating gene expression, today announced that Jordane Dimidschstein, Ph.D., co-founder and COO, will present Regel’s technology and pipeline at the Dravet Conference Meeting 2023 in Madrid on March 23 and will discuss how Regel’s proprietary T3 platform (Targeted Therapeutic Technology) is being leveraged to develop RT101, a novel therapeutics approach for the treatment of Dravet Syndrome. Dr. Dimidschstein will also attend the European DS Advanced Therapies Meeting on March 24

“We are encouraged by the significant progress we made on the development of our proprietary technology and pipeline,” says Navneet Matharu, co-founder and CSO. “As we continue to progress our lead program on Dravet towards clinical development, we think it is important to engage in dialogue with the community of patients and families suffering from this devastating disorder.”

About Regel Therapeutics. Derived from breakthrough technologies developed by co-founders Jordane Dimidschstein Ph.D and Navneet Matharu Ph.D at the Broad Institute and UCSF, respectively, Regel’s T3 platform combines a deactivated Cas system, which precisely targets the epigenome without editing or damaging the DNA, and proprietary regulatory elements restricting the intervention exclusively to specific cell types. This approach allows for efficient and permanent restoration of normal gene expression exclusively to the cells affected by the disease. By providing three layers of specificity of intervention, this technology bears the promise of significantly increasing the efficiency while reducing potential off-target or side effects. Regel’s approach is supported by years of discovery and innovation and is now poised to become the first-in-class therapeutic intervention to transform the lives of patients suffering from severe and life-threatening genetic diseases.

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